Our Services

Blog Posts
We specialize in pillar posts or a series of in-depth blog posts that showcase a client’s expertise. Blog posts of this type with their larger word count not only help prospects grasp your industry know-how but also enable you to get brownie points in Google’s search engine rankings. Tech Copy Authority can research, draft, edit, and proof your content as well as develop a topic list, and publishing schedule.

White Papers
Whether long or short, detailed or high-level, Tech Copy Authority can create compelling white papers that fit your company’s style and brand. Don’t have a style or method yet? We’ll help you hit the ground running as you refine your message. Nothing is too technical for us, so don’t be shy about starting a conversation.

Web Copy
When you need to describe who you are and what you do in the best possible light, Tech Copy Authority can listen to your stories and glean the right information to convey the appropriate message in your web copy. We can also help you get a handle on what search terms to use in your SEO. We can include specific words and not sound canned, simplify the complicated, liven up tedious topics, and most importantly, our team is excellent and hard to find the combination of good writing and technical acumen. In other words, we can deliver on the most complicated of topics.

What we don’t do:

  • Email messaging in exchange for commission
  • Wikipedia pages