Client Onboarding

When our clients initially engage with Tech Copy Authority Corporation, we have a great process in place for onboarding, making sure we are in step, and acting in concert together. As part of onboarding, we spend time building value-driven relationships by providing the following:

  • 50-Point Content Scorecard
  • Vision Planning Worksheet
  • Client Working Agreement
  • Letter of Engagement
  • Statement of Work
  • Virtual Workspace Setup Checklist
  • Milestone Recognition and Review Worksheet
  • 1099 Paperwork on behalf of our company
  • Fulfilled NDAs and any paperwork required by your organization
  • Client Kickoff Meeting Agenda

We will also share several articles that represent the best practices we emulate at Tech Copy Authority Corp. Onboarding might require some additional time in the first few months, but it is a process proven to ensure lasting results and a long-term working relationship.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us