Writing Portfolio

Yes, we have an extensive client list and writing portfolio. We don’t have it here on our website. Why is that? Many of our clients hire Tech Copy Authority as a ghostwriting resource. That means we don’t take any credit for our work, and our clients do. We write for C-level executives, CEOs as well as tech companies, and we care very much about helping them bolster their reputations. We’d also hate to re-publish something that’s already online. As a result, we’re cautious how and with whom we share our writing samples. You can rest assured that we will treat pieces we write for you with the same care and discretion.

Luckily, you don’t have to take our word for it. If you would like us to privately send you our most recent writing portfolio, please send us a message with your contact details, and someone will be in touch shortly to speak with you via phone first. While we take the most exceptional care to honor all NDAs and agreements of confidentiality in the work we share, we still appreciate our prospects for treating this material as sensitive.